About Me

George Shakan


I currently work as a Data Scientist, researching and developing machine learning models for NLP and tabular data. Before this, I received my PhD from UIUC under Kevin Ford and then worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Oxford and CRM under Ben Green and Andrew Granville, respectively.  As a mathematician, my primary research interests were additive combinatorics and Number Theory. My papers and preprints can be found on my website.

Contact Information

You can contact me at the domain gmail.com and local part george.shakan. My LinkedIn can be found here. My GitHub is here. My personal website can be found here.

Undergraduate Research (As Mentor)

Talbot Effect (2019)

Talbot Effect (2018)

Singular Value Decomposition (2015)

Undergraduate Thesis

Q-Polynomial Association Schemes with Irrational Eigenvalues (2012)